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AutoDealerTech is a software company with a focus on internet marketing for car dealerships. With over 30 years of experience in automotive retail, wholesale, and marketing, AutoDealerTech delivers high quality software that is designed specifically for the industry. We know how dealerships operate and our products are constructed to be integrated perfectly into your sales process.

We build websites and software that allows a dealership to reach their maximum potential online and to bring efficiency to their sales process. With nearly 90% of all car buyers starting online, it is critically important that your dealership has a strong presence. With our cutting-edge product suite, you can guarantee that your dealership will be competitive, grow it’s exposure, and to generate as many internet leads as possible.

We also provide dealerships with an easy-to-use “back-end” tool that allows our customers to efficiently manage their inventory, analyze inventory analytics, print window stickers, and much more. Schedule a demonstration that fits in your schedule by calling (866) 833-3264.

Our mission is simple: To allow our clients to be as competitive as possible in today’s market, regardless of the size of their dealership. We will equip your dealership the tools needed to thrive in today’s technologically advanced marketplace.



Dan Ryan

Solid Rock Auto Group
My website has gone from roughly 400 views a week to over 1,500 views a week. Due to the website's ability to resize itself, we have seen a dramatic increase in our site traffic and leads off our webpage.

Maury Leiser

Ridge Road Auto Parts
Anybody that doesn't have a website does not want to do business in the 21st century. It's the cheapest and most effective way to reach your clientele and no one handles it better than AutoDealerTech.

Derik Thomas

Auto World USA
AutoDealerTech designed and built the exact site we were looking for. The site drives customers to our store and generates hundreds of internet leads a month! Our website is our biggest form of lead generation!

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